Gun Control — March 11, 2015 at 9:02 am

UPDATED – VIDEO: White Michigan man on “open carry walk” prompts school lockdown, taunts cops, and lives


A man who bravely goes by the name of Nunya Beeswax online went for an “open carry walk” in southeastern Michigan and prompted a lockdown of the Lamphere High School in Madison Heights. Police are aware of the guy who is known for doing provocative things to get attention. In this instance he “started in Royal Oak, and he walked quite a ways to Madison Heights and then walked back”. That’s not all he did. He filmed the entire encounter with police officers and attempted to enter the school a municipal building.

Let’s role tape (NOTE: this is a longer version than the one I originally posted. The interaction with law enforcement officials begins at the 4:00 mark):

In the video, Beeswax taunts police calling one of them “tough guy” and berating one of the superior officers. It’s quite clear he’s attempting to provoke a confrontation. He posted this statement with the video:

After being approached by the Royal Oak and Madison Heights police departments, while out on an open carry walk, I was followed by the Madison Heights police department. They followed me from a distance, which was troubling, because they could clearly see that no laws were being broken. After initially declining to speak with the police, I decided to approach them and ask why they were essentially stalking a law abiding citizen. I did not appreciate the fact that one of these trigger happy morons placed his hand on his pistol when he approached me.

You never actually see the man in the video but it’s clear that he is white. Why? Because he is still alive. A person of color behaving in this way would have likely been shot dead on the spot in the first 30 seconds of his encounter with law enforcement, at least in many communities. In this case, the police officers behaved with heroic patience as they were taunted and provoked.

Beeswax has a Google+ page where he declares:

Bottom line: I don’t give a shit what any of you liberal pussies has to say about my decision openly bear arms . I will continue to do so, not because I have a license, but because I am a free man. So chime in all you want about how I was looking for trouble, or trying to bait the cops, and I will continue to exercise my rights… All of them. Also, if the police approach you, and you don’t turn your camera on, you are a fucking idiot.

Open carry enthusiasts must be so proud to have such a true patriot [eyeroll] representing them.

UPDATE: Via ET in the comments:

I have a very big problem with this guy. First of all, I have friends who have children in schools that are constantly in fear of this guy because he walks by multiple times a week with a loaded rifle strapped to his back. Second, he also hangs around public parks where children are playing- armed.

For someone to act this way around school children is unacceptable. I know 2nd amendment enthusiasts say he’s not breaking any laws, and that may be true because our laws suck in this department, but using weapons to incite fear in school teachers, administrators, children, and parents is probably not doing anything to make your case. What point are you making to the 5 year old looking out the window terrified because there is an armed man stalking the school? What boggles my mind i s that every time we have the opportunity to prevent school shootings- we tend to do the opposite.

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