LGBT, Rick Snyder — February 5, 2015 at 11:48 am

Why did Rick Snyder “follow the law” on recognizing 300+ Michigan same-sex marriages but not on our same-sex marriage ban???


Yesterday when Michigan Governor Rick Snyder announced that his administration would not appeal a decision by U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith that compelled Michigan to recognize nearly 320 same-sex marriages performed in March of last year, he said hes was doing because he wanted to “follow the law” as laid down by Judge Goldsmith.

Here is his full statement (emphasis is mine):

Gov. Rick Snyder said today he will not appeal U.S. District Court Judge Mark Goldsmith’s ruling recognizing the validity of the approximately 300 same-sex couples married in four counties of Michigan on March 22, 2014 and issued the following statement:

“The judge has determined that same-sex couples were legally married on that day, and we will follow the law and extend state marriage benefits to those couples.

“I appreciate that the larger question will be addressed by the U.S. Supreme Court this year. This is an issue that has been divisive across our country. Our nation’s highest court will decide this issue. I know there are strong feelings on both sides of this issue, and it’s vitally important for an expedient resolution that will allow people in Michigan, as well as other states, to move forward together on the other challenges we face.”

That’s all well and good but Michigan’s same-sex marriage ban was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge, as well. That was the decision that opened the one-day window allowing the 300+ Michigan same-sex couples to marry last year. By Gov. Snyder’s definition, didn’t that make it “the law” that his administration should have followed? Why did he allow Bigot-in-Chief Attorney General Bill Schuette to continue spending our precious and dwindling tax dollars appealing that ruling but not this one?

Is it because the his reelection campaign is over and he no longer has to kowtow to Michigan bigots and the tea party? Is it because he no longer has to genuflect before the Altar of DeVos?

Gov. Snyder’s rationale for this is internally inconsistent. It would be nice if he’d just be honest with the voters of Michigan on this issue for once. Instead, he’s an obfuscating coward.

And that’s not leadership.