GOPocrisy, Michigan Republicans, Republican-Fail — February 10, 2015 at 11:14 am

Michigan GOP caucus won’t support sales tax hike proposal to repair our roads that THEY passed in 2014


Last fall, Michigan Republicans, aided by some Democrats who effectively negotiated for some very good things for Michigan schools and working people, passed a package of bills to fix our crumbling transportation infrastructure and soon-to-be-rubble roadways. The entire thing is predicated on the passage of an increase to our sales tax which voters must approve in May. Given that they put together this house of cards plan, you’d think Michigan Republicans would be supporting and promoting it.

You would be very wrong:

Asked if the GOP caucus would endorse the governor’s sales tax hike for the roads, the [Republican House] Speaker did not wince.

No, he said. What he didn’t say was that his caucus is badly split on the issue, and for him to “twist arms,” as he put it, to help the governor was a non-starter. Even a rookie speaker realizes he works for the caucus and not the guy in the gov’s seat.

These guys are hypocritical buffoons. Meanwhile, our roads crumble and we pay the price in higher auto repair bills and increased number of traffic accidents.

Nice job, Republicans. You might have won the prize for the most inept and incompetent lawmakers in the country.