Michigan Republicans, Racism — January 7, 2015 at 8:05 pm

The Republican Party’s “Dave Agema Problem”


In order for Dave Agema to be removed from his position as a member the Republican National Committee (RNC), he must be convicted of a felony. The RNC’s rules don’t have any other escape hatch to remove toxic cancers like Dave Agema. A dog can sometimes shake off fleas but Dave Agema, a profoundly racist, homophobic, xenophobic bigot is more like a tick. He engorges himself on the notoriety that he receives when he puts out some outrageous Neanderthal statement or post. And like a tick, he’s nearly impossible to remove.

Michigan Republican Party Chair Bobby Schostak has asked Agema to resign.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has asked Agema to resign.

Even Republican Attorney Bill Schuette, the most profound bigot in the Michigan state government has asked Agema to resign.

Agema responded by posting even more offensive screeds.

One missing voice is that of Ronna Romney McDaniel. Romney McDaniel, the niece of epic political failure Mitt Romney, was chosen to replace Terri Lynn Whats-Her-Name as a Michigan Republican National Committeewoman alongside Agema. Eight days after Agema’s latest racist effluvium, the front-running candidate to be the new Michigan Republican Party Chair has been completely silent regarding her colleague. Perhaps that’s because she wants to “unite the tea partiers and the GOP establishment”, something the rest of us call “pandering to extremists”.

Whether or not Romney McDaniel gets around to condemning the racist bigot she represents Michigan Republicans with, what’s clear is that there is little the Michigan Republicans can do to rid themselves of Agema’s odious stench. And, absent outspoken condemnation by Republican elected officials (who, so far, have remained silent) and Party leadership, there’s little for us to do but take their silence as approval or, at the very least, tolerance.

UPDATE: I originally titled this “The Michigan Republican Party’s ‘Dave Agema Problem'”. But, let’s admit it, this isn’t just a Michigan problem for the Republicans. Not at all.