Fundraiser — January 27, 2015 at 7:22 am

Day 2: First quarter fundraiser – It takes a community to fund a blog (including our organizational partners)


In some ways, Eclectablog is based on the crowdfunding model. No, we don’t use Kickstarter or another website like that (maybe we should?!) but, in the end, our writers get paid because our readers and organizational partners allow that to happen. When the donations dry up, so do the paychecks.

Fortunately, we have enough readers and partners that the burden isn’t too great on any one person or group. Small contributions of a dollar or two a week add up and keep us going. We hope you see enough value in what we do to support us.

If you work for a progressive organization that benefits from the writing we do here that gives your work more visibility and helps to raise awareness of the hard work you do every day, I hope that you’ll consider encouraging your group to help out Eclectablog with a donation. You don’t just have to GIVE us money. Get something for it: consider taking out an ad. We have plenty of ad space that’s currently not being utilized and I would much rather have ads for our progressive partners running on the site than the network ads you see here in various spots.

If your organization would like to support our efforts by placing an ad, click HERE for our ad rates and more information.

By the way, you don’t have to be an organization to run an ad. Maybe you’d like to surprise your favorite progressive with a birthday message on Eclectablog or help promote your favorite group. Again, click HERE for more info.

For those groups and individuals who find what we do here at Eclectablog worthy of supporting with a direct financial contribution, there are three ways to help.

First, you can make your donation using the PayPal form below. You can change the amount if you wish. The default is $60 which is basically $1 per week after the fees are taken out, a pretty good value.


Or you can wait until the TinyPass pop-up pops up (every tenth click on the site) and donate that way. If you do that, the popups will go away as long as you have cookies enabled. Like with the Paypal form, the default amounts for annual or monthly donations can be adjusted to whatever you wish them to be. They are currently set to be around $1 per week. Again, it’s a great value.

Finally, if you would prefer to send a check, send me an email and I’ll give you the address. This is the most beneficial way for us because it avoids the Paypal and Tinypass fees that are taken from contributions to the site.

If you cannot afford to support us financially, there are a couple of other ways that you can still help.

First, you can do you Amazon shopping through the Eclectablog page. Use the search box at the top of the right sidebar to start your shopping. You can search for products directly from that box or click the “View more products on” link to go to the main Amazon page. If you order via that link, we get 4-6% of the cost of your purchase and it doesn’t cost you a thing.

Second, please share our content on your Facebook page or other social media like Twitter, Reddit, etc. Put a “Like” on our Facebook page and click the “Invite friends” button and encourage your friends to like us, too.

Thanks so much for your support,
Chris, Anne, Amy, LOLGOP, Tony, Emma, and Charles

[Dollar heart photo by Thomas Hawk | Flickr]