Conservatives, Michigan Republicans, Racism, Rick Snyder — January 16, 2015 at 11:04 am

BREAKING: Dave Agema posts Facebook post re: corrosive impacts of bigotry on our democracy with the comment “Educational!”


Today Dave Agema posted a piece to his Facebook page describing the corrosive impacts of bigotry, racism, and intolerance on our American democracy with the comment, “Educational!”.

“This article is making me rethink my position on the inferiority of anyone who isn’t white, male, straight, Christian, or American,” wrote Agema. “Our republic is damaged when people denigrate any of our citizens.”

Ha ha. Just kidding.

Actually, what Agema DID do was to defend posting a recent article about how African Americans are inferior by saying he got it from Col. Allen West and, since Allen West is black, it was totally fine:

I make no accusation that I agree with the statements supporting the author he posted. I do support Col West’s commentary concerning the authors article and not the content of the article itself. I respect the former congressman and fellow military officer highly and regard his opinions since he grew up in the inner city as a black man who has personal experience. I think his observations are noteworthy and he is certainly not a racist nor am I for reposting his opinions. […]

To quote Col West from his news letter-” I’m quite sure the progressive socialist left will criticize me for sharing this article-that’s just who they are- they hate the truth .

This doesn’t explain why Agema took the post down and, as Stephen Henderson and Nancy Kaffer wrote today in an op-ed at the Detroit Free Press, nobody is buying the idea that he doesn’t believe the things he posts:

He shares articles or posts written by others that, for example, say that no Muslim has ever contributed anything positive to America, or that African Americans are constitutionally different from, and thus more criminally inclined than, other races. He’ll add a few words of commentary — “eye-opening,” or “enlightening” — and when called to account, says these posts don’t represent his own opinion. It’s a thin defense that provides even thinner cover for Agema apologists, who insist that he not be chastised for exercising his so-called right to free speech.

If Agema had, at any point, published positive posts about the non-white, non-male, non-Christian, non-American, non-straight people he disparages nearly every time he opens his bigoted mouth, his self-defense might be swallowable. But it’s not. It’s bovine excrement, pure and simple and Agema doesn’t even have the courage of his messed up convictions to stand behind them.

He is, in fact, a coward pretending to be bold and brave.

The Republican National Committee voted to censure Agema this week but it’s a toothless move that means nothing unless they purge him from their ranks. Would that process be messy? Yup, it sure would be. But the RNC needs to prove that they are willing to go to great lengths, if necessary, to remove this self-aggrandizing, hateful tick from their hide.

Meanwhile, Gov. Snyder, Lt. Gov. Calley, and the presumptive next chair of the Michigan Republican Party, Ronna Romney McDaniel continue to remain silent on calling for Agema to resign or be removed by the RNC. Their silence, along with Lt. Gov. Calley’s appearance last weekend at an event with Agema, imply that they are fine with him remaining their representative.

Like Agema himself, they are cowards. And they are, or will soon be, the top three leaders of the Michigan Republican Party.