Fundraiser — January 28, 2015 at 7:08 am

Day 3: First quarter fundraiser – As we invest in you we ask that you consider the importance of investing in us


The last time I reached out to you I was just a few weeks into my tenure here at Eclectablog and since then many words have left my fingers on their way to you. Some of you have been incredibly supportive of my work and words, and for that I am grateful. Yet some of you have been more critical, and I am grateful for that as well. When I started here at Eclectablog, I will be honest, I was a bit intimidated. I am a talker and not really a writer, but Chris and my colleagues here at Eclectablog serve as such a sterling example of what one can accomplish if they follow their passion and write from the heart. I have done my best to emulate that in my work, and I have succeeded at some level and know I need to grow at another level. At the core of what we do at Eclectablog has been a learning experience, but also an empowering reminder of how what we do here as independent media has a reach far greater than I realized and much more important to the dialogue that is taking place around the globe today.

I find it incredibly rewarding that when Eclectablog staff write and share their words, ideas, analysis, little-told or not-told stories that shape our lives, that the synergy and realization that that creates has an impact far greater than I thought as an outsider. That requires a responsibility to core values of writing and journalism, but it also has taught me very early on that our words change things and in that change, or transformation, we must be aware and take serious the message we shape and send to all of you. On that score I believe that Eclectablog delivers on a daily basis.

lg_logo_eclectablog_square-300x300Whether it’s Amy Lynn Smith’s ongoing and critical series on the Affordable Care Act and the must-read stories of our fellow men and women who have literally had their lives saved by this essential policy, or Emma White’s keen and insightful examination of issues that impact us all and provide light where there was darkness, the information she shares have been empowering to me and many others.

There is no question that the critical and profound wit and wisdom of LOLGOP is special, period. He is, at his core, a teacher, a friend and a mentor, and he does this all without even realizing he is doing it, or so I think, but either way I am grateful for his words and his vision.

There is no one more gifted in words and pictures than Anne Savage, who has also proven to be a quiet mentor and guide for me. Her images and vision of our daily lives is touching and beyond artistic.

And finally, our founder and leader Chris Savage who has tolerated this old man and has gently guided me to be better and to ask more of myself without ever being critical or offensive. His encouragement and direction has been invaluable to me as a writer, but more importantly as a man. He encourages me to be bold and to share what my heart desires and then helps me to a higher truth every time I post a story. His investment in ALL of us, including you, Dear Reader, is unique and uplifting. His boundless energy and courage is what has made Eclectablog iconic, and that is saying a lot.

For those groups and individuals who find what we do here at Eclectablog worthy of supporting with a direct financial contribution, there are three ways to help.

First, you can make your donation using the PayPal form below. You can change the amount if you wish. The default is $60 which is basically $1 per week after the fees are taken out, a pretty good value.


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Finally, if you would prefer to send a check, send me an email and I’ll give you the address. This is the most beneficial way for us because it avoids the Paypal and Tinypass fees that are taken from contributions to the site.

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If you cannot afford to support us financially, there are a couple of other ways that you can still help.

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Thanks so much for your support,
Chris, Anne, Amy, LOLGOP, Tony, Emma, and Charles