Conservatives, GOPocrisy, Michigan Republicans, War on Women — December 24, 2014 at 10:27 am

Incoming Republican extremist Todd Courser’s first act will be a “personhood amendment” to ban abortion in Michigan


At the risk of Eclectablog becoming a “Todd Course Watch” site which reports on the every move of the extremist proponent of a theocracy in Michigan, I feel it’s important that everyone is aware of his plans when he takes office for the first time in January. Already known for his injection of religion in to government and his worldview that appears to involve training children to become soldiers to fight government tyranny, Courser’s views on a woman’s right to a legal abortion under federal law are as extreme as they come.

Yesterday, in an email to supporters, Courser revealed just how extreme:

When I think of what the Lord could use me for in this upcoming season of being a legislator, I am drawn by his grace that nothing could be a higher priority than protecting the freedom to be born. This is why the very first bill that I will introduce as a new State Representative is a Life at Conception Act. Both science and scripture agree that life begins at conception and it is time to move in the direction of protecting the innocent and precious human child. If we, as Conservatives, say we are for liberty, freedom, and life when we campaign, then we need to act on it when we are in office.

There is no greater issue for me than the issue of life. The refusal by some to acknowledge and actively promote the right to life is a horrific scar on the face of our great nation; it is now time that we commit to protecting our most vulnerable citizens and the first step in that process is that we as a people and our government acknowledge that life begins at conception – you can join with me in affirming this by signing the petition at […]

I pray that my fellow legislators will join with me and finally move an agenda forward that acts on the very basic idea that all of us are granted the gift of life by God and deserve the freedom to be born. Under both the 10th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, I believe we have the authority to act and pass a Life at Conception Act. I pray that Michigan will be the state that leads the fight in protecting life and ushers in a nationwide movement to stop another 56 million innocent lives from being lost. Republicans have made a consistent commitment to protect life in their platform; now is the time in Michigan for us to act in a fundamental way to change our approach to this issue and finally, once-and-for-all put an end to the horrific disregard for God’s gift of life that continues in our state and nation today. […]

My heart is heavy and I feel compelled by the Holy Spirit to act to bring about the freedom to be born for all Americans. I will not stop until I see this accomplished.

You can read his entire anti-Choice diatribe HERE.

This is the most extreme position on abortion that a person can take. The intent is to circumvent federal law in order to ban abortion. Period. Personhood amendments like these have been defeated repeatedly around the country both at the ballot box and by the courts. Two of them were, in fact, defeated by voters in Colorado and Tennessee in November. The fact is that the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision guarantees a woman the right to an abortion. So-called (and self-described) “Constitutional Conservatives” like Todd Courser who claim to worship our Constitution, democracy, and our form of government put in place by the “Founding Fathers” simply cannot accept that because it conflicts with their religion’s tenets. Not content to not have abortions themselves, they want to impose their personal religious views on the rest of society.

Todd Courser is a theocrat, plain and simple. If he were to get his way, our state government would be run according to his particular Christian worldview and his religion’s interpretation of a book written thousands of years ago in a different language on a different continent.

Keep an eye on this man. He’s a threat to the very democracy he claims to hold in such high esteem.