Michigan Democratic Party, Video — November 3, 2014 at 3:46 pm

VIDEO: The cast of the West Wing reminds you to vote the Non-Partisan part of the ballot


In 2012, Bridget Mary McCormack got the cast of the West Wing to do a video for her to remind people to vote on the Non-Partisan ballot. She had an “in” with them since her sister Mary McCormack played Deputy National Security Advisor and ex-CIA officer Kate Harper. The video went insanely viral and has had over 1 million views.

They also cut a version of the video that doesn’t mention Bridget Mary McCormack and I thought it would be worth sharing again ahead of tomorrow’s election.

The Michigan Democratic Party has endorsed three Supreme Court candidates: Richard Bernstein, Deborah Thomas (read my interview with her HERE), and William Murphy. One way to remember them is the acronym BMT – “Better Michigan Today” – Bernstein-Murphy-Thomas.

Note that the Non-Partisan section of the ballot is generally AFTER the partisan section but not necessarily on the back of the ballot. If you vote a straight ticket, you still need to vote for judicial candidates in the the Non-Partisan part of the ballot.

Here’s the video:

And, if you want to see the original one that mentions Justice McCormack, click HERE.