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Michigan Chronicle editor pushes back against the paper’s endorsement of Rick Snyder


The other day, the Michigan Chronicle endorsed Rick Snyder for Governor. The endorsement blew the minds of a LOT of people who felt it ran completely counter to what the Chronicle stands for. Chronicle editor Bankole Thompson responded this morning to the endorsement, a move that will also likely blow a few minds.

Good Morning:
Yesterday on WDET-101.9FM (Detroit Public Radio) during my weekly Thursday program 9-10am, a caller asked why the Michigan Chronicle endorsed Republican Governor Rick Snyder. It was an appropriate question because I serve as editor of the Chronicle among many media hats I wear. Because I also realize that many of you have been loyal followers of my work in the African American community and beyond it is important to clarify things.

I told the caller the Chronicle’s endorsement of Snyder instead of Democrat Mark Schauer was the decision of Hiram Jackson, the publisher of the Michigan Chronicle. It is an institutional endorsement and in our case it is made by the leader and CEO of the institution Mr. Jackson. Just as any newspaper must be accountable to its readers I encourage any reaction to the paper’s endorsement of Snyder to be directed to Jackson, the publisher.

You can listen to the show here:

Tuesday’s election is critical. It is important that you vote your conscience on Nov. 4. Don’t let anyone tell you who to vote for or how to vote and when to vote.

As I said on radio I personally don’t believe in media endorsement of candidates because I don’t like the notion of imposing one’s belief in the choice of the people. Democracy is not dictatorship. Institutions don’t vote. It is people that vote.

I cited Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence as an example. She is on her way to becoming a Congresswoman despite lacking the so-called institutional and media endorsements.

So on next Tuesday, vote who YOU believe should be the next governor of Michigan, the next U.S. Senator, the next Supreme Court Justices, the board of education regents, governors and trustees. You will decide the election.

Bankole Thompson

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