Events — October 21, 2014 at 6:50 pm

Trott Survivors to conduct “Street Trial” of parasitic leech on the jugular vein of society, Republican David Trott


In the process of amassing his vast wealth Republican candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 11th District, David Trott, has left a wake of devastated victims. Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 22nd, some of his victims will hold a “street trial” in front of his offices in Birmingham.

Here are the details:

When: Wednesday, Oct. 22; Rally at noon, Street Trial at 12:15 pm
Where: In front of Trott partnership, Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel, 294 E. Brown St., Birmingham
Who: Homeowners, Trott Survivors, Detroit Eviction Defense

Trott Survivors will make the case on Wednesday that David Trott, congressional candidate and millionaire front-man for Bank of America, was paid for the dirty work in foreclosing on thousands of Michigan homeowners — 80,000 in a single year by Trott’s account.

The Survivors will testify to the dishonest and destructive tactics which Trott’s law firm, representing the banks, used against them. Their indictment includes harassment, stonewalling on modifications, dual tracking, improper notice, document fraud, and robo signing.

Trott — or a stand-in for the Foreclosure King — will be invited to respond to these charges. He has admitted in recent press interviews that his job was to do what was in the best interests of the banks that hired him. He also acknowledges that he made more money by foreclosing than by stopping the process with a loan modification. “Absolutely,” he said in a May, 2014 interview. “You could say the same thing about a doctor who says you’re healthy now. I don’t need to see you anymore.”

Trott survivors will point out that a doctor is at least expected to keep patients alive. Trott, in contrast, made millions by foreclosing and evicting families who could have qualified for federal assistance on loan modifications.

Bank of America and other mega banks have since paid billions in penalties for the foreclosure fraud Trott helped them pull off. Protesters will gather in front of the Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel office, which sells homes foreclosed by Trott and others. Trott is a partner in the firm.

Trott has stated in his defense that if he had sided with homeowners, the banks would have fired him. Protesters will focus on these very words to ask why he didn’t defend homeowners in the first place. Serving the banks was more profitable for the Foreclosure King in his Michigan law practice, protesters will point out, and the same banks that made it so will be the highest bidders for his loyalty if he’s elected to Congress.