Bwahahahahaha — October 21, 2014 at 1:29 pm

Terri Lynn Land tweets about how “She made the DMV work”. Michigan doesn’t have a “DMV”.


My wife turned to me the other night and said, “Terri Lynn Land’s campaign is so bad it’s almost like she’s running it herself.” LOL.

Today, we get more evidence of her failure as a candidate with this tweet (screenshot here for posterity):

Some states have Department of Motor Vehicles, often called “the DMV”. Here in Michigan, we have the Secretary of State or “SOS”. In fact, if you Google “Michigan Department of Motor Vehicles”, the top hit is the Michigan Secretary of State’s website. In other words, there is no such thing in Michigan as “the DMV” and any driving-aged Michigander knows that.

The woman had the Secretary of State job for eight years. You’d think she would have noticed that. Apparently not or she wouldn’t tweet it out to the entire damn world. The fact that the image she tweeted says, “Want to know how you can trust Terri to make Washington work? She made the DMV work!” just adds hilarity to the pathetic lameitude of her completely failed campaign.


Here, have some Primus: