Events, MI-11, Photos, Video — October 23, 2014 at 12:56 pm

Scenes from yesterday’s “street trial” of Foreclosure Vulture David Trott


Although I has unable to attend yesterday’s “street trial” of Foreclosure Vulture, Republican David Trott, my friend Katie Jacob was able to attend and sent me some photos and video of the event.

There has been very little coverage of this event except for one article. I’m told Trott was seen leaving his office through a back exit to avoid being seen by the protesters or the media who were there to cover it.

Trott’s Democratic opponent for the 11th Congressional seat, Bobby McKenzie, released his first ad yesterday and the Washington Post calls it “one of the most brutal attack ads you’ll ever see”.

McKenzie is being massively outspent by Trott using the massive wealth he accumulated largely by throwing down-on-their-luck people out of their homes. Please consider making a donation to his campaign HERE.

Here are Katie’s photos and videos.

One of the Trott Survivors who “testified” at the event was Baxter Jones who is in a wheelchair following an accident and is losing his home thanks to Trott: