Rick Snyder — October 1, 2014 at 5:59 pm

Progress Michigan unveils new website that highlights the many scandals of the Snyder administration


I know what you’re thinking: “Eclectablog, how can I possibly keep up with all of the many scandals of the Snyder administration???” Whether it’s department heads living lavish, high-on-the-hog lifestyles on the taxpayer’s dime or “education reform” shysters ringing up huge travel expenses to promote their failed education experiment on Detroit school children, sometimes is just all seems like too much to keep track of.

Well fear not, devoted reader. Our friends at Progress Michigan have come to the rescue. Today, they unveiled SnyderScandals.com, your one-stop shop for the myriad scandals that have rocked the administration of Rick Snyder over the past four years.

And, if you make a donation to help with their efforts, you can be a proud owner of an entire set of Snyder Scandal trading cards like this one:

Here’s what folks are saying about the parade of scandals Michiganders have been forced to watch over the past four years and the new website:

Hugh Madden, communications director for Progress Michigan:

The Snyder Scandals website and handy trading cards will give voters a chance to see real examples of the scandal-ridden culture that Gov. Snyder has created throughout his tenure. Gov. Snyder is trying to sell himself as an accountant that is building a foundation for the future. Yet, what we know is that this accountant has been unable or unwilling to keep tabs on his own inner circle and he has built an environment where scandal is commonplace.

Ingham County Commissioner Kara Hope:

I’ve spoken out about the Aramark scandal earlier in the year and I had hoped then that would be the last time that I would have to speak on this issue. In fact, we recently learned that earlier this year, the administration quietly cancelled a $98,000 fine imposed on Aramark to give them more time. This happened despite the fact that MDOC Director Dan Heyns warned Gov. Snyder’s Chief of Staff that he was afraid they would lose a prison because of Aramark. And just recently, an Aramark employee attempted a murder-for-hire plot inside a prison. It’s clear: The Snyder administration has failed to hold Aramark accountable for their actions.

State Representative Ellen Cogen Lipton:

As head of the EAA, John Covington was increasing spending — not in our classrooms — but in IKEA and paying for chauffeurs to cart him around. The EAA is but one in a long line of Snyder scandals, I implore all Michigan citizens to learn about these scandals and demand Gov. Snyder come clean with us.

So don’t worry that you need to start keeping a lengthy list of your own in order to stay abreast of scandal after scandal after scandal in the Snyder adminstration. Just stop by SnyderScandals.com where they’ve made fast, fun, and easy to keep informed.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by the letters WTF and GOP.