Corporatism, Rick Snyder — October 28, 2014 at 6:54 pm

Progress Michigan files Hatch Act complaint against Gov. Rick Snyder for awarding no-bid contracts to campaign donors


Stuff just got real

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has been pretty deft at shrugging off the many scandals that have enveloped his administration. But the most recent one, the awarding of $26.4 million in state contracts to a campaign donor might be one he can’t shrug off.

Today, my friends at Progress Michigan announced that they have filed a Hatch Act complaint against Governor Snyder over this latest pay-to-play scandal that directly involves the Governor himself:

Today, Progress Michigan filed a complaint with United States Office of Special Counsel alleging that Gov. Rick Snyder violated the Hatch Act. The complaint alleges that Gov. Snyder improperly used his official authority and influence to award millions of dollars in no-bid Medicaid contracts to a business whose owners and executives had contributed to his reelection, including hosting a lavish fundraiser for the governor.

At question in the complaint are a ritzy fundraiser for Gov. Snyder held by the owners of J&B Medical Supply and millions of dollars in no-bid contracts awarded to the same company, including a contract the day after the fundraiser. The fundraiser earned Snyder $54,000 toward his reelection campaign.

The complaint alleges that Gov. Snyder “violated the Hatch Act by using his official authority and influence to affect the result of his own reelection campaign by awarding no-bid contracts to a vendor of Michigan’s federally-fueled Medicaid program, the owners of which have contributed to his reelection campaign.”

You can read the full complaint HERE.

Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan, was blunt: “Gov. Snyder has passed the buck on numerous scandals surrounding his administration, this time, however, Gov. Snyder has directly benefitted from and is responsible for this alleged violation of federal law,” he said. “The Hatch Act is designed to protect taxpayers from politicians who abuse their power to help out their political allies and donors and that’s exact what Gov. Snyder has done.

“Gov. Snyder needs to be held accountable for consistently putting the well-being of his corporate pals and wealthy campaign donors over the interests of hardworking Michiganders. With the corruption and self-dealing in the Snyder administration if Richard Snyder has a second term, it will look like Richard Nixon’s and Michigan deserves better.”

Keep shrugging, Governor. Something tells me this is one monkey you won’t so easily shake off your back. This isn’t the business world you’re used to living in where you can wheel and deal and reward your friends and benefactors. You are answerable to the law and to the citizens of Michigan, the people you call your “customers”. I, for one, am one very, very dissatisfied customer.