Bwahahahahaha, Conservatives, Mark Schauer, Rick Snyder — October 1, 2014 at 4:18 pm

Michigan’s “best” conservative blog eats its own, doesn’t want Rick Snyder reelected


I’ve been enjoying reading lately because, if you think that Eclectablog is hard on Governor Snyder, you should see what (formerly, reputedly Michigan’s “best” conservative blog, says about him.

Today, they have a piece titled “Here Comes the Snyder Gas/Diesel Tax and Fee Hikes” that might set the state record for the most links on a blog post back to the blog’s own content – there are no less than 12 links to other pieces in this post. That’s very nearly blogsturbation. In the post, the author – who bravely goes by the name “Corinthian Scales” – excoriates Governor Snyder for proposing a hike in taxes to pay for the $1 billion or more in road repairs that are needed lest our state evolve back to the days of Gunsmoke, Little House on the Prairie, and the Michigan plank roads.

The best part, though? The image they use for the piece was stolen from the Mark Schauer campaign. I’m not kidding:

Here’s their image:

Here’s the original, posted by the Schauer campaign on Facebook on September 2nd:

I know they look the same but look at the bottom of the second image. Now look at the bottom of the top image. See that? They stripped off and stole the meme for themselves. LOL.

If you think this site is hard on Rick Snyder, you should see what they say about Mark Schauer. But, apparently, they aren’t below stealing his campaign materials for their own use. This fail blog is knee-deep in irony.

So, anyway, I lied. Their theft of the Schauer meme is not actually the best part of this particular post. This is the best part:

As was read on yesterday, there is a growing number of folks who are seeing the wisdom in not giving Snyder his “lame duck” term in office.

They are actually promoting the idea that people shouldn’t vote for what they call the “center-Left abomination named Snyder” because of “his Progressive agenda”. LOL, part II.

Don’t you just love it when the conservatives do our job for us?

Between this effort on the state’s top conserative blog and Rick Snyder running on the fact that he signed Medicaid expansion into law, we might just see significant numbers of tea partiers and hard right conservatives stay home on Election Day.

Please, sir, may I have some more?