Michigan Republicans, Republican-Fail — October 9, 2014 at 7:17 pm

Michigan Republican Party inaccurately claims Michigan Dems won’t campaign with Pres. Obama, then comes the racism


The Michigan Republican Party is a well-known source of comical fail. Between sending out hapless technicians with super-secret spy glasses to being completely unable to field a credible candidate for the U.S. Senate, they are a constant source of hilarity. Today, they posted a meme claiming that Gary Peters and Mark Schauer are embarrassed to campaign with President Obama and were resorting to First Lady Michelle Obama instead. They are, of course, completely wrong as evidenced by a Metro Times article titled, “President Obama, Bill Clinton expected to campaign in Michigan for Schauer and Peters”.

The MIGOP’s Facebook post is HERE. And here’s a screenshot (click for a larger version):

Click for a larger version

It would be easy to just laugh this off except for that last comment on my screenshot. Here it is larger:

It’s one thing to post a major fail post that is factually incorrect. It’s entirely another thing to allow racist BS to be posted to the page and remain there for at least an hour. Hopefully by the time I’ve published this, they will have deleted it.

It’s disgusting.

UPDATE: They have finally deleted the offensive comment (along with mine saying I had grabbed a screenshot.) The thing to recognize here is that the post itself was racist bait and, lo and behold, they caught a racist! Who could have predicted, what with the extra dark scary President Obama and all?

Yeah, never saw THAT coming…