Michigan Democratic Party, Michigan Democrats — October 28, 2014 at 12:41 pm

Massive GOTV event in Saginaw shows that Democrats are not “sitting this one out” in 2014


A short time ago, I posted about the insane amount of money the DeVos family is dumping into the coffers of the Michigan Republican Party this cycle. As I said in that post, the only way to defeat that sort of cash buying our elections is by getting out the vote (GOTV).

Last weekend, a coalition of labor groups and Democratic Party supporters staged a massive GOTV event that was attended by upwards of 400 people. They attended a rally, heard candidates speak – including Democratic candidate for Governor Mark Schauer – then hit the doors to GOTV their butts off.

Here’s what the event looked like in the UAW Local 467 Hall:

The vast majority of the hundreds of people you see in that photo, took a walk pack and went out to talk to voters.

Here’s some local news coverage of the event:

Polling in Michigan show tight races all around the state. However, pollsters usually only talk to “likely voters”. What’s different this year is the amount of effort being put forth to turn out “unlikely voters”, people – mostly Democrats – who don’t often vote in midterm elections. The polls are going to be very wrong and Republicans are going to be in for a very big shock if we turn them out. I’m hearing that absentee voting by Democrats is up hugely this year, an early sign that these efforts are being successful.

This is it folks. Election Day is one week from today. It’s time to get off the sidelines and get involved. All across Michigan the four-day GOTV operation is being planned. Anne and I are hosting the GOTV canvassing operation for our part of Washtenaw County and we are going to be knocking on thousands of doors starting Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. The same thing is happening all around the state.

It’s time to get involved. Be part of this historic year and unprecedented GOTV operation. Grab a canvass pack or call sheet and start GOTVing YOUR butt off. You’ll be so glad you did.