Conservatives, Michigan Democrats, Michigan Republicans — October 16, 2014 at 8:38 am

Livingston County Dems launch website to highlight how out of touch Joe Hune is with his constituents


The Livingston County Democratic Party has done an amazing job of finding candidates to run for seats across the county that often see no Democratic challenger. One of these candidates is Shari Pollesch, a Brighton attorney who is challenging ultra-conservative Joe Hune for the newly-drawn 22nd state Senate district. Although Hune has enjoyed widespread support in this oh so conservative area, the new boundaries now include the western part of Washtenaw County (where I live) so his job got a little bit harder. And Shari Pollesch is a terrific candidate.

What’s most painful for Democrats living in Western Washtenaw is that we are currently represented by Rebekah Warren who was labeled the “most liberal” state senator in 2011, 2012, and 2013. On that same list, Joe Hune was labeled as the “most conservative”. If Pollesch is not successful, many of us are going to experience a serious case of political whiplash.

To help educate 22nd district voters about Hune’s record of pursuing his ideological, partisan agenda at the expense of his constituents, the Livingston Dems have created a new website called which features an empty chair:

Throughout Michigan’s 22nd Senate District, folks are calling Sen. Joe Hune “No Show Joe.”

He doesn’t show up for important meetings in the community. He doesn’t show up for candidate forums with his opponent. And he doesn’t show up for his constituents when they need his support on important issues in Lansing.

Here are the facts on No Show Joe Hune.

The Livingston County Dems’ rock star Chairperson, Judy Daubenmier, explains why they decided to create the new site:

Joe Hune didn’t show up for an Oct. 7 candidate forum in Howell and he didn’t show up for two forums with school administrators, board members, and retired teachers in Washtenaw County last week.

But even worse than these literal no-shows by No Show Joe are the numerous ways that Joe Hune has not shown up for his constituents, when he has voted against what his constituents needed.

The one group Hune has shown up for, however, is special interests. Hune has raised 90 percent of his campaign funds this year from PACS and lobbyists. In addition, he took more free lunches from lobbyists than almost any other lawmaker – almost $2,000 worth in one year. He also regularly votes on legislation pushed by his wife’s lobbying firm, Governmental Consultant Services, Inc.

He punished the residents of the local school districts by passing a law to keep school board members from voting on employee contracts if they have a relative who works in the district. He claimed that is a conflict of interest. Yet he doesn’t step aside himself when voting on bills in the Legislature when he has a clear conflict of interest.

As an example, Daubenmier pointed to Hune’s backing of legislation, sought by the Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association, prohibiting bars and restaurants from using glasses, coasters, and napkins with beverage company logos. The association is a client of Governmental Consultant Services, Inc., where Hune’s wife Marcia works. Despite this, Hune saw no conflict of interest in sponsoring the two bills sought by a client of his wife’s firm.

If you’d like to help the Livingston County Dems get the word out about their new site, you can make a donation HERE.