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Dear Citizen,

unnamedWe noticed that you completely ignored our messages entitled “Our flesh is literally on fire with need,” “Nate Silver just pronounced us dead,” “Rand Paul says you have Ebola,” “Why are they pooping on our Obamacare?” and “Never going to give you up (DON’T DELETE).”

The truth is that in the last four years our campaign finance system has been shattered by a series of Supreme Court decisions that have undermined the role of an independent judiciary and unleashed a tsunami of lies funded by independent expenditures.

And because of these new advantages and an electoral map that requires them simply to pick up six seats in seven states Mitt Romney won, Republicans may be on the verge of taking the Senate– even though they’re about as unpopular as they’ve ever been during a national election.

But it’s different in Michigan. Democrats appear to be holding on to the great Carl Levin’s Senate seat, despite millions of dollars in out-of-state spending from Koch-funded groups.

When national pundits were pretending that Terri Lynn Land was a substantial Senate candidate, our Chris Savage was explaining that local Republicans never wanted her to run. Since then, we’ve documented her attempts to obfuscate, smear and avoid any real debate as Gary Peters has run a fine campaign.

Now we’re doing our best to make you feel what a re-election terrible campaign Rick Snyder is running, which makes sense after his dismal first term. Chris is also leading the coverage of races across the state, including the MayDay PAC’s radical attempt to unseat Rep. Fred Upton. Anne’s photojournalism gives us an unfiltered view of the political action all over the state. Amy’s coverage of Obamacare and health issues continues to win nationwide acclaim. And Tony, who has been a leading voice for working people for decades, has joined the team to give his irreplaceable insight.

Michigan is the bluest purple state in the nation. And soon we’re hoping get the rest of the red out.

We hope you will join us as we try to find a cure for conservatism. From our extensive testing, we know the cure involves vital independent voices that Koch money can’t buy. So be a mini-Koch for the good guys. Anything you can give helps.

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