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Day 2: 4th Quarter Fundraiser – Breaking news, interviews, and photos, oh my!


Photo by Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished here at Eclectablog. What started as the random, eclectic musings of a wannabe writer has turned into something so much more. People tell me on a regular basis that Eclectablog is one of their “must visit” sites every day so that they can stay abreast of what’s happening in Michigan and for insightful commentary on national issues.

Why? Because we offer something a bit different than any other site. Here are three things that set us apart:

1. We break news stories that other sites and news outlets pick up later
Here are some of the stories that you read about first on Eclectablog this past year:

2. Interviews
This past year we’ve interviewed people like Lizz Winstead, LGBT/marriage equality pioneers Jayne Rowse & April DeBoer, Josh Silver of Represent.Us, Congressional candidates like Pam Byrnes , Dan Kildee, Bobby McKenzie, and Eric Schertzing, and a host of others.

Perhaps the most important work we’ve done at Eclectablog this year, however, were the many interviews I conducted with former and current teachers and administrators from the Education Achievement Authority (EAA). Those interviews played a huge role in ensuring that the EAA is not expanded in Michigan and that the bright light of public scrutiny was shined on the travesty that’s happening in that failed experiment on Detroit children.

Look for more interviews between now and Election Day with Debbie Dingell, Paul Clements, MDP Chair Lon Johnson, and others.

One of the things you see a LOT of on Eclectablog is this statement:

“Photos by Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog”

That’s because we have the privilege of having one of the most talented political photographers in the country providing us with outstanding professional photos. And not just that. Anne does graphics for us and memes as well. Here are three of my favorites:

And who could ever forget Anne’s photoessay of the day when nearly 300 same sex couples got married in Michigan? Or her touching follow-up story of Dexter wives Diane VanDorn and Connie Greer who were married that day?

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