Education, Teachers — September 2, 2014 at 7:05 am

Judge overseeing New York education reform lawsuit recuses himself, hearing to combine cases cancelled


NOTE: This story has been updated HERE.

On Saturday, I wrote about an apparent effort by former CNN anchor Campbell Brown to take over a lawsuit filed by the New York City Parents Union challenging some aspects of how teachers are either fired or laid off. Parents of the NYCPU told me that Brown appeared to be more interested in promoting her new career as the voice of “education reform” than she did supporting the parents who were trying to improve things.

After NYCPU parent Mona Davids filed a lawsuit against the State of New York in Staten Island, Brown filed a similar suit of her own in Albany. A hearing to combine the two was set for tomorrow. However, over the weekend, the judge in the case, Judge Thomas P. Aliotta, abruptly recused himself without explanation:

This move adds another wrinkle to a case that has parents of the NYCPU feeling isolated and bullied by Brown’s actions. First the law firm representing the plaintiffs in Davids, et. al. v. State of New York, et. al. quit. And now the judge. It will be interesting to see if Judge Aliotta gives a reason for recusing himself.

You can read more about this case HERE.