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Get Covered America launches Michigan Youth Outreach Advisory Council


The council, along with a new Fellows program, gives young people more opportunities than ever to get involved and help others get covered.

Get Covered America is all about helping people enroll in insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). There are still a lot of young adults to reach — which is why the organization has launched a Michigan Youth Outreach Advisory Council.

The Youth Outreach Advisory Council will feature youth leaders from across the state coming together to help Michigan’s uninsured young people find affordable coverage. The first of its kind for Get Covered America-Michigan’s field team, the Youth Outreach Advisory Council is made up of elected officials, consumers and local leaders who serve as trusted voices among 18- to 34-year-olds across the Great Lakes State, and focuses on honing youth outreach efforts to ensure that every uninsured young Michigander can access quality, affordable care, especially heading into the next open enrollment period that begins November 15.

State Representative Adam Zemke (31), State Representative Phil Phelps (35), former Michigan State women’s basketball star and owner of Lady Aitch Designs Lauren Aitch (27), and State Public Affairs Chair of the Michigan State Council of Junior Leagues and multiple sclerosis patient Emily Todebush (29) are key members of the Youth Outreach Advisory Council who have teamed with Get Covered America to lead youth outreach efforts across the state.

From Rep. Zemke:

Health coverage outreach and education to young adults is critically important. While young consumers stand to benefit greatly from the new options under the Affordable Care Act, they are often new to health insurance and tend to lack health coverage literacy. I’m excited to help young Michiganders learn about their new options.

Moving forward, the Youth Outreach Advisory Council will be expanding youth outreach in all corners of the state and engaging with any youth leader that counts healthcare access as pivotal to young Michiganders.

Get Covered America has also announced its Fall and Winter Fellows program. Designed to train students on community engagement strategies and tactics through hands-on experience, the program aims to grow a new generation of youth leaders to serve their respective communities. This school year, the Get Covered America Fellows program offers students the opportunity to become a Certified Application Councilor (CAC), which will certify them to provide direct enrollment assistance to consumers.

Youth leaders interested in joining the Youth Outreach Advisory Council can email Erin Knott.

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