healthcare — September 18, 2014 at 11:22 am

First thoughts on TEDMED 2014


There’s a Buddhist saying, “First thought, best thought.” While I believe that’s true, some things still benefit from time and perspective.

That’s certainly the case with TEDMED. It ended on September 12th, and my brain is still synthesizing all the brilliance I absorbed from the stage and from the leaders in health and medicine I spoke with during the conference — such as Dr. Mark Hyman, who took this photo of me in my jacket for The Walking Gallery painted by Regina Holliday, which tells my personal healthcare story.

While I collect my thoughts for a more detailed post, I put together a collection of tweets in a Storify to help organize my thinking — and give others a taste of what I experienced.

I’m also eager to hear what others who attended the conference think. So if you were there, head on over to my personal blog to read the Storify and share your first impressions. And count on more thoughts to come.