Detroit, Republican-Fail, Terri Lynn Land — September 12, 2014 at 9:00 am

BREAKING: Terri Lynn Land refuses letter from Detroiters inviting her to spend a day in their polluted community


Last week, residents of the Detroit zip code 48217 held a press conference and invited Terri Lynn Land to spend a day in their community to see the impact of the pollution spewed by her campaign supporters and hold a public forum where they could ask her questions about it.

The also took out a full-page ad in the Michigan Chronicle:

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One of the residents there also penned an op-ed for the Detroit News:

Pollution from big corporate oil companies is killing me. Due to toxic emissions from the corporate polluters in my community, I suffer from skin burns, hair loss and a toxic white mass on my brain.

My neighbors and I can’t even walk the streets without our skin burning or sleep at night without sealing up our houses to try to prevent toxins from flowing into our homes.

I’m fed up with the pollution in my community and I’m fired up about doing something to change it. Our community is not going to stand idly by while politicians and big oil canoodle so some people can use Michigan as a dumping ground for their coal ash and toxic emissions.

Terri Lynn Land supports policies that allow corporate polluters to continue poisoning our communities because I don’t think she knows first-hand the damage these policies have wrought on our neighborhoods.

The letter was sent to Land via the US Postal Service with a return receipt requested. Land refused the letter:

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Your item was refused by the addressee at 9:31 am on September 8, 2014 in BYRON CENTER, MI 49315 and is being returned to the sender.

Sherry Griswold, the author of the Detroit News op-ed issued this statement after finding out about Land’s snub:

Terri Lynn Land refuses to debate Gary Peters because she says she wants to talk to voters, but she won’t even accept the letter we sent to her. It feels very disingenuous for Land to claim she wants to put Michigan first, but she can’t even be bothered with us. If Terri Lynn Land is serious about putting Michigan first she should visit us in our community and defend her policy positions that allow corporate polluters to further pollute our neighborhoods.

Land is a coward and has proved this by her refusal to even accept these citizens’ letter, much less visit their community. If she isn’t interested in hearing from her potential constituents, she has no business being their representative in the U.S. Senate.

Terri Lynn Land has shown us once again that she is the Michigan Embarrassment™.

[Caricature by DonkeyHotey for Eclectablog. Adapted from: Wikipedia – State of MI / HHS – Chris Smith]