MI-11, Michigan Democrats — September 5, 2014 at 7:06 am

Bobby McKenzie in statistical dead heat with millionaire Foreclosure King David Trott in MI-11


After winning a hard-fought primary against two opponents, Bobby McKenzie now faces millionaire foreclosure attorney David Trott in the general election in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District. Trott poured millions of dollars of his own money into his primary campaign to defeat Kerry Bentivolio who essentially did not campaign and has received donations from other über-wealthy corporatists like Mitt Romney and Donald Trump.

McKenzie has done some polling on the race recently and the results show that he is a mere 4 points behind Trott, a man who has made a fortune on the misfortunes of others, foreclosing on countless homes in Michigan during the peak of the Great Rececession. His polling shows the race at 44%-40% with 16% undecided. The 4-point gap is within the margin of error making the race a statistical dead heat.

McKenzie released this statement with the poll numbers:

David Trott spent $2.5 million in the primary, while his opponents only spent $100,000 attacking him as the ‘foreclosure king’. Despite a 25-1 spending advantage, Trott’s unfavorable rating is higher than his favorable rating. Voters are clearly concerned and troubled that Trott made a career benefiting from the misery and misfortune of Michigan families, running one of the largest foreclosure mills in the country. The 11th District needs a representative who puts Michigan and communities first, and Bobby will always fight for Michigan families – not take away their homes.

The pollster, Tulchin Research out of California, suggests that, if McKenzie can get his message out there and inform voters about his opponent, he has a strong chance to win:

Once voters hear more information about both candidates, the race becomes even more competitive and McKenzie actually pulls into the lead. In fact, after voters are provided positive descriptions about McKenzie and Trott, McKenzie gains more ground than his Republican opponent and leapfrogs ahead, drawing 47 percent of the vote to 46 percent for Trott. After we simulate an attack on both candidates, Mckenzie further extends his lead to 48 percent to 41 percent, with only 11 percent of voters undecided.

Trott may think he can buy this race but that’s far from certain. To find out more about Bobby McKenzie, visit his website BobbyForMichigan.com. To make a donation to help him compete against Trott’s massive spending, click HERE.