GOPocrisy, Terri Lynn Land — August 25, 2014 at 12:05 pm

UPDATED: You know that gas-swilling behemoth of a campaign truck driven by Terri Lynn Land? She has TWO of them!


Last week I wrote a post titled “Terri Lynn Land’s campaign is a visible demonstration of waste & excess with a $100K truck that gets 8 mpg” about the monstrous, gas-guzzling truck Terri Lynn Land has been driving around the state in. The truck gets less than 10 mpg and retailed for over $100,000. The outrage at the fact that she displays this truck on her “Energy Policy” webpage was quick and severe, even earning Land the “Asshole of the Day” award from The Daily Edge.

Guess what? She has TWO OF THEM!

After I posted about “Big Blue” as Land calls her behemoth, I was contacted by Zachary Schefman who sent me these two photos taken on August 22nd in the West Bloomfield/Farmington area:

Schefman told me they have been parked there on and off for a number of weeks.

The good folks at the Michigan Democratic Party did some digging and found that Land was paying rent to her brother-in-law Roger Lucas for use of the truck to the tune of $1,000/month or about $33/day. Given that it’s a $100,000 truck, they questioned whether this was a fair market price, particularly since you can barely rent a compact car for that amount of money.

If that $1,000/month is for TWO trucks, that comes to less than $17/day. Try renting even a beater car for that.

One other thing to note: Roger Lucas is a partner in Land & Co., the “family business” where her husband Dan Hibma is a partner and owner and that Land claims to have no business dealings with.

Really, Terri? Truckgate?

All flash, no substance, and a whole lot of unanswered questions: that’s Terri Lynn Land, The Michigan Embarrassment™.

UPDATE: The League of Conservation Voters is having none of Terri Lynn Land’s lies about wanting to protect the environment and has gone up with a $400,000 television ad buy this hard-hitting ad called “KochLand”:

[Caricature by DonkeyHotey for Eclectablog. Adapted from: Flickr – Logan C]