MI-07, Michigan Democrats, Michigan Republicans — August 14, 2014 at 12:00 pm

MI-07 residents deliver 7 rubber ducks to Tim Walberg’s office asking him to stop ducking the issues


Yesterday, residents from Michigan’s 7th District delivered seven rubber ducks to the District office of Republican Tim “the Original Tea Partier” Walberg, asking him to stop ducking the important issues that concern his constituents and to agree to a series of debates with his Democratic opponent and former state House Speaker Pro Tempore Pam Byrnes. Byrnes has put together a “Government Accountability Agenda” and asked Walberg to agree to seven “conversational style” debates on the issues. So far Walberg has been silent on both.

Byrnes “Government Accountability Agenda” includes these items:

  1. An immediate Congressional pay cut
  2. No Congressional pay during any government shutdown
  3. No Congressional pay raises without a balanced budget
  4. No more first class airfare and luxury vehicles for members of Congress that are paid for by taxpayer dollars
  5. No more taxpayer subsidized gyms (like the one Walberg used during the most recent Repbublican government shut down
  6. An end to lobbyist loopholes

Byrnes issued the following statement on the day of the Great Duck Delivery:

Congressman Walberg owes Michigan an explanation. He kept his salary while shutting down the federal government and profits from the perks of office and won’t explain his positions to voters. This is why over a month ago I called on Congressman Walberg to join me in a series of debates, but much like his accountability to voters he’s done nothing.

Walberg appears to be running a non-campaign, holding few events in the District and refusing to respond to Byrnes’ requests. It’s insulting behavior from an increasingly out-of-touch elected official, one who double-dips from benefits from his current position as well as from his time in the state legislature. In addition to his healthcare benefits, Walberg brings in $174,000 from his Congressional salary plus $60,000 from his state pension; $234,000 a year all paid for by our tax money.

Come out of hiding, Congressman. The voters of the 7th District deserve some answers about why you’ve been such a key component of the current “Do Nothing Congress” that has spent enormous amounts of time and money making sure that nothing gets done to help revive our economy, help those in most need, pass immigration reform, and continuously improve the Affordable Care Act. Walberg would rather spend his time on witch hunts involving Benghazi and the IRS.

If there is a poster child for government gridlock, Tim Walberg is it. What’s most insulting is how proud he is of it.

If you’d like to learn more about Pam Byrnes and help out her campaign (I canvassed for her just last night myself), visit her website at PamByrnesForCongress.com. You can also read my interviews with Pam HERE and HERE.