Mark Schauer, Michigan Republicans, Rick Snyder — July 16, 2014 at 3:06 pm

Snyder campaign caught infiltrating a Schauer event a 3rd time, this time with secret “spy camera glasses”


Republicans even suck at being assholes

First is was a Republican operative posing as a CNN reporter. Then it was a Snyder intern attempting to infiltrate a Schauer campaign GOTV office. Now we have failed infiltration attempt #3 of Democrat Mark Schauer’s gubernatorial campaign by the reelection campaign of Gov. Rick Snyder.

For the third time this year, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer is accusing Republicans of attempting to spy on his campaign.

But this time, the suspected political subterfuge involves a high-tech hidden camera and a video memory disk that fell into the hands of Democrats.

And Republicans are defending their campaign snooping.

Schauer’s campaign and Oakland County Democrats recently came into possession of a tiny disk containing raw video footage of a young woman and man who secretly recorded a Schauer campaign fundraiser June 22 at a private home in Bloomfield Hills. […]

The disk containing the video was found on the floor of the Pipefitters Local 636 union hall in Farmington Hills after a July 8 Oakland County Democratic Party meeting, Houston said.

The article goes on to say that Republicans have “acknowledged the state party has been looking for a misplaced video card” and that “this isn’t the first time the GOP has deployed a tracker wearing glasses with a hidden camera”.

Let’s roll tape of two of the lamest Republican infiltrators you’re ever likely to see – hilariously code-named “The Politician” and “Lil’ Pineapple” by the Schauer campaign:

Given that Schauer is in a dead heat with Snyder, made clear by two recent polls, it’s understandable why his campaign staff would be so desperate to find something – anything – they can use against his Democratic opponent. What’s so astonishing is how utterly inept they are when they try to do so.

And this is the guy who wants us to believe he’s got the credibility to run our state. No wonder Michigan still has the sixth highest unemployment rate in the country. These guys are complete amateurs.

By the way, considering that the memory disk fell out of the spy glass camera when they were at a different location, it’s pretty clear that they were working on infiltration attempt #4 when they lost it.

Like I said: complete amateurs.