Mark Schauer — July 16, 2014 at 9:39 am

Repeat after me: Rick Snyder is only tough on the middle class


Earlier this month, the Democratic Governors Association debuted this ad targeting Rick Snyder record, weaponizing the governor’s favorite adjective for his nerdiness:

The basic message is Snyder is only tough on the middle class. And with a record that punished workers, retirees and families with none of the promised renewal for the state, it’s a message that rings true.

Since that ad appeared two polls have shown likely Democratic nominee Mark Schauer — who most of the state is just getting to know — neck-and-neck with our CEO-turned-governor.

And the national media is starting to notice.

Yesterday Schauer appeared on MSNBC and succinctly laid out Snyder’s fireable offenses:

This is the kind of message that can sway voters who elected Snyder, hoping some of his success would rub off on the state. Instead, we’ve gotten a lesson in what happens when a Republican with no allegiance to anyone but his cronies and big business interests is put in league with Tea Partiers who have no respect for a majority of the state’s voters or the governor himself.

Democrats speak with mock admiration about the GOP’s message discipline. Conservatives repeat talking points and things they’ve heard on Fox News and AM radio endlessly — even after the lies have been debunked.

They often even repeat the same trite preface, “I’m not going to be politically correct…” before they repeat something they heard Rush Limbaugh say a dozen times.

Democrats in Michigan should take a lesson from the GOP here. The DGA has come up with a solid message that plays on a frame Snyder has spent four years crafting. So — as often as you can — be sure to point out that Rick Snyder is only tough on the middle class.

If we say it enough times maybe even Mitt Romney will appear to remind this state of how we feel about millionaire CEOs who didn’t help save the auto industry.