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Day 1: 3rd Quarter fundraiser – Eclectablog represents for Michigan, represents for YOU. Please help support US!


Support your local bloggers!

This week we’ll be coming to you once a day for our second quarter fundraiser. I am determined to prove that we can have a successful site where all of the writers are paid. However, that can only happen with support from our readers. Your financial support will also allow us to bring on new writers, something I am keen to do in the coming year.

This past week, Team Eclectablog was at the Netroots Nation conference, helping to promote the causes that we care about and representing on behalf of our state and on behalf of YOU.

I welcomed the conference attendees to Michigan as the opening speaker on Thursday night and moderated a panel on the state takeover of our public schools.

Amy had a killer Ignite presentation on the main stage the last night. She talked about the importance of telling the stories of people who have been helped by the Affordable Care Act, a series of posts she has done here at Eclectablog that have gained national attention and recognition.

Eclectablogger Amy Lynn Smith live on the main stage at Netroots Nation

And, of course, Anne was there to shoot photos of the entire conference, pausing only briefly for this rare photo of her with California organizer Neeta “Navajo” Lind from Daily Kos:

But, all of this costs money which is why it is imperative that we pay these fantastically creative and essential folks on our team.

If you’d like to join those who find what we do here at Eclectablog worthy of supporting financially, there are three ways to help.

First, you can make your donation using the PayPal link below. You can change the amount if you wish. The default is $50 which is basically $1 per week, a pretty good value.


Or you can wait until the TinyPass pop-up pops up (every tenth click on the site) and donate that way. If you do that, the popups will go away as long as you have cookies enabled. Again, the default amounts for annual or monthly donations can be adjusted to whatever you wish them to be. They are currently set to be around $1 per week. Again, it’s a great value.

Finally, if you would prefer to send a check, send me an email and I’ll give you the address. This is the most beneficial way for us because it avoids the Paypal and Tinypass fees that are taken from contributions to the site.

If you cannot afford to support us financially, you can still help. Please share our content on your Facebook page or other social media like Twitter, Reddit, etc. Put a “Like” on our Facebook page and click the “Invite friends” button and encourage your friends to like us, too.

Thanks so much for your support,
Chris, Anne, Amy, LOLGOP, Emma, and Charles