Republican-Fail, Terri Lynn Land — June 21, 2014 at 8:17 am

Terri Lynn Land shows how clueless she is … again – Foreign Affairs edition


I don’t mean to keep hammering away at Terri Lynn Land but … Okay, I DO mean to keep hammering away at her. But, honestly, there have been few politicians, particularly here in Michigan, who have given us such rich fodder to work with.

In today’s episode of “Oh My Goddess, I Can’t Believe This Woman is Running for the U.S. Senate”, Terri Lynn Land shows that she doesn’t even have the most basic understanding of what’s happening in Iraq at the moment.

As many predicted years ago, the Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq was not going to settle anything. Most people predicted that we had opened the floodgates to ongoing civil war and that as soon as the iron fist of the U.S., which replaced the iron fist of Saddam Hussein, was removed, the country would simply fall back into civil strife and warfare. Sure enough, a group calling themselves the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has taken over the huge city of Mosul along with other major cities and areas in the Anbar Province. The result is that over a million people have fled their homes and things look grim.

At the Small Business Association of Michigan meeting this past week — where Land criticized her Democratic opponent Gary Peters for not being there because he was in Washington, D.C. doing his job and voting on legislation that funds our troops — reporters had a rare opportunity to ask her some questions. Land was asked how she would handle the situation in Iraq. What followed was typical of Land, The Michigan Embarrassment. Here is her answer, provided to us by my friends at Progress Michigan who have audio tape of the press scrum:

Well, the president has obviously said that Al Qaeda has, you know, on the run. Well, it’s obviously not true. So the president has to lead, he’s the chief and commander and he needs to lead and show us a vision and a plan on how he’s going to solve the problems and the issues.

Here’s the thing: the stuff going down in Iraq right now has absolutely nothing to do with Al Qaeda. In fact, as NPR recently reported, ISIS, the group that is taking over major portions of Iraq, is too extreme even for Al Qaeda:

The Sunni militant group ISIS, known for its brutal tactics and harsh interpretation of Shariah law, is pushing farther into Iraq. The organization is considered so extreme that even al-Qaida leaders want nothing to do with it.

In February, as we reported at the time, a statement posted on jihadist websites and attributed to al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri denied that the terrorist group had any links with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

“Al-Qaida announces it is not linked to … [ISIS], as it was not informed of its creation [and] did not accept it,” the statement said. ISIS “is not a branch of al-Qaida, has no links to it, and the [al-Qaida] group is not responsible for its acts.”

I don’t mean to put too fine a point on this but if Terri Lynn Land can’t even keep up with the top news stories of the day, she’s got no business being anywhere near the reins of power in this country, including the U.S. Senate.

Land was on WJR Radio this past week with Senator John McCain. Considering her Palinesque lack of knowledge about even the most basic things, the photo of them together bears in eerie resemblance to the campaign photos of the 2004 election.

Another week, another handful of examples of why Terri Lynn Palin Land has no business running for ANY elected office, much less the Senate of the United States of America.