Mark Schauer, Rick Snyder — June 5, 2014 at 2:22 pm

Mark Schauer gets coveted Daily Kos endorsement “because Michigan deserves a strong Democratic governor”


Daily Kos is the most widely read political blog on the planet and, according to Alexa, the 515th most highly trafficked site in the USA. So, when they make an endorsement, something they don’t often do, it rings loudly throughout the progressive blogosphere.

Yesterday, Daily Kos took the unusual step of endorsing Mark Schauer for Governor of Michigan because, as they say in their title, “Michigan deserves a strong Democratic governor”.

Snyder is in the governor’s seat in Michigan because of the nation’s collective freakout of 2010. Today we’re endorsing Rep. Mark Schauer, a victim of that freakout, losing his congressional seat to Tim Walberg. Schauer, a former Michigan state senator, was recognized back home in his one term in Congress for his strong support of the Affordable Care Act and for fighting to hold a major polluter responsible for “the largest oil spill ever to strike the Midwest.” In the interim, Schauer has worked back home in Michigan against the Snyder regime, getting pepper sprayed in the protests against the right-to-work law.

Schauer is great on every issue that matters, you can see that in this great interview he gave to Eclectablog. In the polling on this race, Snyder is consistently under 50 percent, with slipping approvals, and Schauer is in striking distance, within a range of 3 points to 10 points down, making this one more than viable. We don’t have to convince you how critical this one is. It’s Michigan.

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Makes me proud to be a Kossack ; )