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PHOTOS: The Eclectablog 10-year Blogaversary party a smashing success!



Team Eclectablog: (l-r) LOLGOP, Charles Gaba (Brainwrap), me, Anne C. Savage, Amy Lynn Smith, and Emma White

Last night’s Eclectablog 10-year Blogaversary party exceeded my expectations in so many ways. We had a tremendous turnout of over 100 people. Everyone who came received an Eclectagrog beer glass (pictured at right), we sold t-shirts, raffled off t-shirts and beer glasses, Lizz Winstead on your answering machine, and the most highly-sought after prizes, four of Anne’s amazing photos.

Below are some photos of the night.

Roger Kerson, Board member of the Ann Arbor Area Transit Authority and all-around good guy explains the importance of passing the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti/Ypsilanti Township transit millage next Tuesday

Some bald dude blathering

The highlight of the evening was having Lizz Winstead talking about her Lady Parts Justice project which is bringing their “V to Shining V” tour to Michigan on September 27th as part of a 50-state effort to make sure Republicans are held accountable at the ballot box for their anti-women legislative actions. We’ll have much more about that here at Eclectablog over the next few months including information on how you can volunteer (hint: you can sign up to be part of the effort HERE.)

I’d like to once again give a huge thanks to all of our amazing sponsors/partners:




And, of course, a super big thanks to Arbor Brewing Company owners Matt and Rene Greff and the amazing staff at the microbrewery who made the event even better. Our bartender Brian went above and beyond the call of duty and made everyone comfortable and happy.

Three people deserve special thanks. Michael Rains, Rochelle Noel,and Erin Zettle staffed the front table, taking in donations, selling raffle tickets & t-shirts, and handing out beer glasses. We couldn’t have done it without them and we are deeply in their debt.

Michael Rains, Rochelle Noel, and Erin Zettle, volunteers extraordinaire

Oh, one last thing: even our pitbull Suni got in the spirit of things. Here he is sporting his “Eclectadog” bandana, a thoughtful gift from our dear friend Erin:

All photos by Anne C. Savage except the one of Team Eclectablog by Barb Byrum