Detroit, Education — May 13, 2014 at 10:40 am

BREAKING: EAA relents, teacher fired for breaking up fight with broom gets her job back


Correcting one more bad decision on top of so, so many others

Bowing to public outrage, officials at the Education Achievement Authority — Republican Governor Rick Snyder’s failed education experiment with Detroit students — have reinstated fired teacher Tiffani Eaton. Eaton was fired for breaking up an exceedingly violent fight in her classroom by whacking one of the kids on the back with a broom handle. The reinstatement comes after Pershing High School principal Gregory King called upon the EAA adminstration to correct what he said was an illegal mistake.

A Detroit high school teacher fired after using a broom to break up a vicious fight in a classroom is getting back her job with retroactive pay, school district officials announced today.

Tiffani Eaton was fired May 1, one day after the incident at Pershing High School, where the fight erupted between two boys.

She will have the option of returning to the school or another school in the district of her choosing, according to the Education Achievement Authority of Michigan.

Eaton recently was represented by Abood Law Firm as it worked to get her termination reversed.

Eaton’s attorney, Jeffrey Lance Abood, issued this statement:

We appreciate that the EAA acknowledges that their previous action was wrong and we are in good faith discussions with the school district to bring this matter to a resolution.

Once that has occurred, Ms. Eaton will be available for comment.

It should never have come to this since Eaton should have been praised for her quick and effective response, not punished for it. This was just one more bad decision and bad response in a very long chain of bad decisions and responses by Chancellor John Covington and his administration. They are not competent to be running ANY school district, particularly one with students who have already been short-changed so much already.

It’s time for them to go.