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VIDEO: Lizz Winstead’s Lady Parts Justice project is coming to Michigan – Why you should care & donate


“From V to Shining V”

Lady Parts-friendly U.S. Senate Candidate Gary Peters and Lizz Winstead, photo by Anne C. Savage

As I’ve been mentioning in the pieces I’ve written about our 10-year “Blogaversary” party, Lizz Winstead’s Lady Parts Justice project is coming to Michigan this year with a special event at the Capitol Building in Lansing. And they need your help.

Here’s a bit from their fundraising page:

Who the hell are we and why should you give US your hard earned money?

Because we get shit done. Lizz Winstead, “The Daily Show” co-creator, writer and comedian, and Creative Majority 501(c)(4) co-founders Arun Chaudhary and Scott Goodstein formed Lady Parts Justice to create a series of videos that use humor to reach women and pro-choice voters.

Now we are going big. Like f’ing huge. Lady Parts Justice has teamed up with the best comedians, comedy writers, filmmakers and actors on the planet and together with local repro justice warriors in all 50 states, our plan is to remove reproductive health hazards from local political office using our 24/7 comedy rapid response war room to engage and enrage voters.

Why do WE deserve your money?

Because we are fighting for dignity and freedom. And damn it, the Orcs who think they know best for you and your sexual health are funded up the arse – that’s why. We think there is no shame in being unapologetic sexual beings and part of that means guaranteeing we all have access to affordable reproductive healthcare.

And that, my sexual friend, takes money.

Lady Parts Justice energizes people to join the fight. When we expose anti-choice zealots using humor, we win. But we need money so we never have to let up. That is how we keep winning.

What’s our plan?

Well, I just told you. But you do deserve specifics in exchange for your donation.

1. Rapid Response Comedy Team: No one is doing rapid response using humor. Enter Lady Parts Justice. With the comedy expertise of Lizz Winstead and the Revolution Messaging rapid response juggernaut, it will be effective, immediate and hilarious. The team has a successful record of gaining national press and raising money, recently seen collecting tens of thousands of dollars for the Texas Telethon. It was easy for all partner organizations to connect with, including NARAL and UltraViolet, and it quickly became an award-winning social media sensation with national cultural leaders.

2. V To Shining V: A national pride day for women with celebrations in all 50 state capitals on September 27, 2014. These events will feature comedians, musicians, activists and politicians in a party atmosphere bringing people together for fun, while also serving as a reminder of what is at stake politically at home. It’s also reminding everyone to VOTE in 2014 midterms. We hope that this festival for women will become an annual event. Lady Parts Justice will be funding six major capital events and offering assistance to local organizations with online tools.

3. Act Locally and Shame Globally: It is a two-part strategy using edgy humor to celebrate and promote progressive Lady Parts-friendly candidates, while at the same time nationalizing dangerous politicians by publicizing their message through our national network of Lady Parts Justice Leagues and opinion leaders. We are here to expose the bad and elect the good.

That second one, the “V to Shining V” event, is in the planning stages now and local funny people (like our very own LOLGOP) are putting together something very special and very Michigan.

Lady Parts Justice is raising funds for this ambitious and important project. Please visit their fundraising page and give as generously as you can.

Here’s a video to give you a sampling of the type of thing they are up to. Listen to the music, it’s a hoot!

Thanks for helping out. Things like this that increase voter turnout, especially of women voters, are critically important in Michigan mid-term elections. I have donated and so should you.