MI-07 — April 23, 2014 at 8:48 am

“Timmy” Walberg gets a primary candidate: Douglas Radcliffe North with the creepiest campaign video you’ve ever seen


Campaign ad or performance art? I report, you decide.

Tim Walberg, the Republican tea party-aligned Congressman from Michigan’s 7th District, has a surprise primary candidate who is, hard to believe as it might be, more ridiculously extreme than Walberg himself. The candidate is Douglas Radcliffe North and his website is almost surreal. It is composed almost entirely of videos like the one shown below.

More of a birther than Tim Walberg, North is intent on getting rid of Barack Obama. From his video:

As your Congressman, I will utilize EVERY opportunity to get a special prosecutor appointed to investigate if President Obama is a natural-born citizen of the United States of America. If he’s not, Congress MUST impeach him. That’ll be the end of Obamacare.

This strange man mentions his dead mother several times throughout his campaign video which features mostly images of him staring creepily into the camera holding what he says is Andrew Jackson’s cane along with photo after photo of military funerals and video of the World Trade Center collapsing. I’m not kidding. He is outraged that Walberg, who he calls “Timmy”, betrayed America by voting to “put taxpayers on the hook for bailing out another Wall Street bank”.

If you can’t stomach the entire 8:22 of the video, at least watch the first two minutes. If it doesn’t display properly, hop over to his website. It’s on the front page there.

Go, Douglas Radcliffe North! Pleasepleaseplease defeat “Timmy” Walberg. Nothing would make the general election for the 7th District more interesting.

Adding…Douglas Radcliffe North has earned the official Eclectablog endorsement for the 2014 MI-07 Republican primary election.