Gary Peters, President Obama — April 14, 2014 at 7:50 pm

Terri Lynn Land now seriously playing defense


Right where we want her

Terri Lynn Land is a one-note song and the name of that song is “Obamacare”. With the help of millions of dollars of sweet, sweet Koch brothers’ money, she’s spent the past few months attempting to hurt Gary Peters on this issue. Despite this, Peters is up 5 points on her according to the latest PPP poll (which is one of the most solid pollsters in America.) The news coming from the CBO this week that the Affordable Care Act is reducing the national deficit by even more than first thought, coupled with the millions upon millions of “Obamacare success stories” that are beginning to bubble to the surface, is making her song one people increasingly no longer want to hear.

Not only that, she’s now playing defense in a blatantly and comically obvious way.

If you take a look at her Facebook page, it’s covered with posts justifying her contention that women are better off being paid less than men. Why? Because of this statement by her that has now gone viral:

Well we all like to be paid more and that’s great but the reality is that women have a different lifestyle. They have kids, they have to take them to get dentist appointments, doctors appointments all those kinds of things and they’re more interested in flexibility in a job than pay.

The statement is apropos of pretty much nothing because the issue at hand is equal pay for equal work, not what job flexibility women want and if they are willing to trade it for an inferior wage. If women do NOT want to make that trade, they should be paid the same as men. Equal pay for equal work. Period. But that’s simply not the case.

Even President Obama mentioned her, albeit not by name, when talking to reporters in Texas last week, saying, “Very rarely do you meet people who make the choice to be paid less for doing the same job.”

One of Land’s pathetic attempts at playing defense is to justify it by pointing to the wife of President Obama’s Press Secretary. I’m not kidding. According to Land, because Press Secretary Jay Carney’s wife agrees with her, that’s proof that she’s right in her belief women don’t deserve or WANT to be paid as much as men.

I am giddy that Land is on the defense because as Emma pointed out so well recently, you can’t win playing defense. Any attempts by Land to try to gain the defense now are going to be so outrageous and extreme and Koch-infused that she’s going to look frantic and wild. That’s good for Gary Peters because Land wants nothing more than to be seen as a moderate Republican. Simply put, she can’t go on offense by being moderate.

Expect the gap between Land and Peters to widen. It will.