Bwahahahahaha, MI-11, Michigan Republicans — April 18, 2014 at 10:09 am

POPCORN TIME: Bentivolio campaign compares David Trott to a “pornographer”


What’s say you and him fight?

Kerry Bentivolio’s campaign to keep the U.S. House seat he accidentally won in 2014 is looking bleaker and bleaker. His opponent, foreclosure vulturist and corporatist poster child David Trott has over a $1 million in the bank, most of which is from his own personal bank account. Throwing people out of their homes is VERY lucrative business, apparently, and Trott is clearly willing to buy this seat rather than just run a normal campaign. The foul, fetid foreclosure albatross hanging around his neck is going to challenge him to win even against his hapless opponent.

That hapless opponent, Bentivolio, on the other hand, is barely raising enough to pay off debt he owes from his previous race or to pay off a former staffer who is suing him for unpaid wages:

Trott added $587,000 to his campaign coffers in the first three months of the year, including a $400,000 contribution from his own pocket. He has given his own campaign more than $800,000 to date, according to campaign finance records filed with the Federal Elections Commission.

Bentivolio — who picked up $5,000 contributions from both the House Conservatives Fund and the Tea Party Express in the quarter and raised $111,000 overall — transferred $20,000 to another committee he has set up to repay $90,000 in debts from the last campaign. Also during the quarter, a former campaign manager filed suit against Bentivolio, saying he is owed $154,000.

But that’s not the most interesting part of this story. This is:

Matt Chisholm, a spokesman for Bentivolio, said he wasn’t surprised the ad also didn’t mention the foreclosure business.

“You don’t see pornographers running around talking about their work either. It’s not illegal, but it’s dirty,” said Chisholm.

“Dave Trott is proud of the 1,800 jobs he has created. It’s unfortunate that Kerry Bentivolio and his campaign are running a campaign that is vulgar and full of hate. Then again, when you have a record like Bentivolio’s … vulgarity and falsehoods are probably the only option Bentivolio has,” said Trott campaign manager Megan Piwowar, referencing Bentivolio’s campaign debt and legal issues.

I just love a good Republican-on-Republican pie fight, don’t you? Pass the popcorn.