Rick Snyder ads on Eclectablog – enjoy the beautiful irony



Now that our governor has started his relentless positive rebranding tour, his ads are going to start showing up in your Facebook news feeds, on your Twitter apps, and, of course, on the websites you visit.

That includes, hilariously enough, THIS website!

Click for a larger version, screencap courtesy of Chad Cyrowski at Progress Michigan

“But WAIT!”, you might say. “How can this be!?”, you might ask. “Eclectablog, how COULD you!?”, I can hear you plead.

Here’s the thing: those ads you see in the sidebar and across the top of the blog are what are call “remnant ads”. I put a box there and then an ad network fills it. They get paid, dribble out a tiny smattering to us, and everyone is happy (except when I’m grumbling about what crappy deal it is for US, the ones creating all the content.)

Companies and organizations and candidates who want to hit the internet with their ads go to these networks and place an order to run ads for a specific demographic. In the case of these Snyder ads, he probably asked for political blogs in Michigan. So that’s why you’re seeing them. Or you may not. It partly depends on what sites you’ve visited before, what Google searches you’ve done, etc. These ad groups are pretty smart about targeting you with ads they think you’ll click on.

So, when you see a Rick Snyder ad on Eclectablog, know that he’s running an ad that’s a complete waste of time on a site that slams him almost daily and, better yet, he’s paying US for the privilege.

And now, just because hahah, here’s an excerpt from a Daily Kos piece that talks about Rick Snyder’s absurd Superbowl ad (the photos were added by me):

During the Super Bowl, Republican Gov. Rick Snyder unveiled one of the strangest television ads I’ve seen this so far this cycle. The 60-second spot features Snyder surfacing from a pool wearing a mask, snorkel, and full wetsuit as a narrator intones: “Some call him a nerd. But Michigan now calls him the comeback kid.” There’s so much weird about this whole ad that I hardly know where to start.

Comeback frog?

First off, the pool imagery is just bizarre in its own right. What on earth is it supposed to mean? Secondly, the narrator has trouble enunciating his Rs, so “nerd” actually comes out sounding like something halfway between “ned” and “newd.” Thirdly, “comeback kid” makes no sense. Maybe Detroit is the “comeback city,” but the phrase “comeback” implies that you’re, you know, coming back from something. It does not mean you assisted in a comeback for someone or something else. So what the hell is Snyder “coming back” from? Bill Clinton earned the nickname because he finished a respectable second in the 1992 New Hampshire primary after polls showed him getting trounced. Is Snyder trying to say he’s rebounding from his own crappy polling numbers?

As a slow jazzy tune plays throughout the rest of the ad, the narrator keeps calling Snyder a nehd and rattles of a litany of supposed achievements, though at least from here on out, the camera pans across the Michigan landscape and not the pool at the YMCA. Until the very end, that is, when Snyder’s visage, half cast in shadow, glowers out of the gloom as the narrator informs us that he’s Batman. Well, maybe Aquaman, anyway.


Meanwhile, the DGA has a new ad of its own that takes direct aim at Snyder’s long-since worn out “one tough nerd” shtick. Here, the narrator says that a “it doesn’t take a much brainpower to see Rick Snyder’s economic policies are failing the middle class,” then criticizes Snyder for cutting school funding and raising taxes on seniors to give tax cuts to businesses.

Brilliant. Here’s the DGA ad. I had the pleasure of watching at the dentist office this morning. I almost bit my technician from LOLing.