Bwahahahahaha, Conservatives, Michigan Republicans — January 20, 2014 at 12:57 pm

Under fire from all sides, Dave Agema turns to grifting for cash


A conservative extremist grifter. What are the odds…?

Now that Dave Agema is under attack from the right, left, and every other side, he seems to have turned to grifting to shore up support (and his bank account.)

Last week he posted a new event on his Facebook page called “RNC Update with Dave Agema”:

Yes, that’s right. For only $50 you can participate in a quick non-rubber chicken (???) breakfast with the RNC’s Top Gun Bigot Dave Agema as he spins out the alternative reality coming out of the Republican Party.

Obamacare? Unraveling despite millions of Americans signing up.

Terri Lynn Land? “Gaining ground” despite the fact that she has yet to do any public events, is under fire for potential election law violations related to coordinating with Super PACs, and the fact that she’s yet to get an endorsement from anybody except the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity.

Obama’s foreign policy? “Criticized”. (Ouch, that’ll leave a mark.)

If you REALLY want to feed the grift mill, you can be a “sponsor” starting at $250. He’s got 22 people coming so far so that’s $1,100 to keep the hate-speech flowing.

They say there’s one born every minute but, when it comes to conservative extremists, there might be two or three born every minute.

Hurry, though. You have to RSVP by tomorrow.

[H/T Eclectapal Dawn K.]