Bwahahahahaha, Political Ads, Rick Snyder — January 31, 2014 at 12:11 pm slams governor for dodging issues and lack of leadership in Super Bowl parody ad


“I’m waiting for leadership from the legislature…”

This Sunday, Rick Snyder begins his effort to convince Michigan voters that he’s something other than what he is with a nearly half million dollar Super Bowl ad just as he did in 2010. This will be followed by a rebranding tour, of sorts, that begins on Monday. The rebranding is sure to include references to himself as a “nerd” (which he clearly is NOT), to Michigan being a “Comeback state” (which it clearly is NOT), and to his being a moderate (which he clearly is NOT).

In preparation for the monumental snow job we’re about to have thrown at us, my good pals at have put out a Super Bowl ad of their own, one that more accurately reflects the record of Rick Snyder. The video, which stars the hilarious “Fake Rick Snyder”, shows the governor punting on important issues and dodging questions on critical topics like equal pay for equal work, LGBT equality and raising the minimum wage.

“Michiganders deserve a governor who knows how to be a leader. They don’t want a typical politician who will duck the issues that matter, dodge important questions or remain silent on things of pressing importance,” said Sam Inglot, project director of SnyderFails. “Our Super Bowl video puts a light-hearted touch on some very serious accountability concerns that Snyder has created while in office.”

Inglot describes the intent of the video this way:

The video specifically addresses three topics:

Equal pay for equal work for women: When questioned on where he stood on equal pay for equal work, Snyder said, “We should be open to discussing what the facts are and try to create opportunities for women to be able to work up the income and earn more pay.” The facts are clear: Women in Michigan make less money than men for doing the same job. It’s time Snyder pushed for legislation that would help eliminate the gender wage gap.

LGBT equality: Snyder has consistently deflected questions on where he stands on amending the Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act and marriage equality. It’s still legal for someone to be fired or denied housing in Michigan due to their sexuality or gender identity, but that doesn’t seem to bother Snyder.

Raising the minimum wage: Snyder said raising the minimum wage would be a “challenge,” while at the same time giving massive pay raises to the state’s investment officials. Michiganders deserve to know — yes or no — whether or not Snyder supports raising the minimum wage.