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Michigan Democrats on how we win in 2014


It starts with getting involved and ends with getting out the vote.

“When Democrats vote, Democrats win.” You’ve heard it before, and there’s a good reason why: It’s true.

The Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) is calling on Democrats across the state to spring into action for 2014. The earlier we mobilize, the better our chances of winning.

Want proof? According to Garrett Arwa, executive director of the MDP, more than 900,000 likely Democrats stayed home in 2010. Democrats helped win Michigan for President Obama in 2012, but look what happened in 2010. A slew of Republicans were elected at the state and federal level, including Governor Rick Snyder.

We can reverse that trend in 2014 — electing Mark Schauer as Michigan’s next governor and taking back seats in our state and federal legislature — if we work together. Unity is key, Arwa told a standing-room-only crowd at a meeting of the 11th Congressional District Democratic Club over the weekend.

When the going gets tough, no one gets going like Michigan Dems. Together, we can take our state back from the Tea Party government that believes no one is created equal. It’s our job to make sure government of the few, by the few and for the few does perish.

One of the first steps you can take is joining the Michigan Democratic Party if you’re not already a member — and consider becoming a precinct delegate. As Arwa explained, “precinct delegates have superpowers no one else has.” However you get involved, it’s time to step up, including doing whatever you can to re-engage inactive Democrats.

There’s no lack of enthusiasm in the 11th Congressional District, which is expected to be in the national spotlight as the 2014 race heats up. Rep. Kerry Bentivolio already has a Republican primary challenger, David Trott. And the Republicans have strong competition from the Democrats who will face each other in the primary: Bobby McKenzie and Anil Kumar, M.D., who both addressed the meeting’s attendees.

McKenzie outlined some of the issues that are important to him, such as supporting labor and working families, raising the minimum wage and standing up for women’s rights, and his commitment to taking back the seat for the Democrats.

For too long, we’ve just accepted we can’t win this seat, but this is our year. [Democratic House Minority Whip] Steny Hoyer, [Congressman and Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] Steve Israel and [Congresswoman and House Democratic Leader] Nancy Pelosi have all told me we can win it. We can’t say this is too hard — that’s losing talk. We can win this, but we need to do it together. I’ve never been more passionate about anything than I am about this.

Dr. Kumar began his remarks by quoting Helen Keller: “The only thing worse than being blind is not having a vision.” He went on to detail the pillars of his platform and his enthusiasm for serving constituents and the country.

We need to turn the 11th Congressional District blue. We’re a middle-class district, so I’m focused on the issues most important to the middle class: jobs, healthcare and education, particularly our public schools. Education is key, because it’s an investment in the future. I stand before you as an educator, business owner, healthcare provider and leader, and I tell you we have to win this.

“Despite the extreme gerrymandering of our district, this is a winnable race,” said Brad Flynn, political director of the Plymouth Democratic Club. “It’s up to us to get involved.”

There are many other Michigan Democrats running for office at the state and federal level, and they can all use your support — starting now. Visit the
MDP website
to learn more.

“Members of the Michigan Democratic Party are the foundation,” Arwa said. “We need your help to engage voters and win in 2014.”

[Photos of Garrett Arwa and the 11th District Democratic Club meeting by Amy Lynn Smith]