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Chris Savage terrifies the Koch brothers — and that’s why you should support him


Allow me to Kochsplain a bit.

imagesYou’ve probably heard how the Koch brothers plan to win the U.S. Senate this year.

In addition to spending millions on television in states like Michigan, they’re also hiring staff to blog, tweet, Facebook, Tumbl and whatever else they imagine the plebes are doing these days.

They want to create the appearance dozens of extremely effective citizen activists who are obsessed with improving this country. Basically, they’re trying to create an army of Chris Savages.

Because of Eclectablog‘s Chris Savage we know that Republicans have raised taxes on more than 50% of the population of Michigan. We know this state’s emergency manager law has robbed the right to elect local representatives from more than half of this state’s African-Americans. We know the truths behind the right wing lies about the peaceful protests against the extraordinary attack on labor rights led by Michigan’s own Koch’s — the DeVos family.

And Chris does this in his “spare” time.

Lee Fang — who literally wrote the book on the right-wing effort to fabricate a “populist” movement on behalf of billionaires — pointed out that Chris is a pure anomaly. He’s a fully employed professional and father who pays lots of taxes and does his best to do be a good citizen. And Chris goes above and beyond to stay informed and inform others about the issues that affect the middle class.

If there were a million Chris Savages, a few billionaires wouldn’t be able to hijack our politics the way they have. But who has the time to be a Chris Savage?

We, the other contributors to Eclectablog, try to help. I pointed out that Terri Lynn Land, the GOP’s likely candidate for the U.S. Senate in Michigan, was painfully silent on every issued that mattered — except taking health care away from 470,000 Michiganders. After that, she started speaking (or tweeting out) a lot more often. And Chris documented why she was better off when she was quiet.

Amy Lynn Smith is a kickass voice for those who value the social safety net and equality of opportunity. Charles Gaba AKA Brainwrap has made it his mission to inform America on a daily basis of how many people are benefiting from the Affordable Care Act. Anne Savage’s exceptional eye brings the political process to life in a way few citizen journalists/artists ever have. And we’ve even got this state’s Teacher of the Year writing about education from the perspective the right fears the most — that of a professional who has devoted his life to serving students from the classroom.

If you can support what we do financially with a one-time or a regularly scheduled donation, we ask you to be a mini-Koch and join the effort. If you can just share what we’re doing in any way you can, we thank you kindly.

We can’t all be a Chris Savage but we can all help support this Chris Savage as he devotes his life to making sure that working people are informed and heard.

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[Photo credit: Amy Lynn Smith]