Audio, War on Women — December 10, 2013 at 12:08 pm

PODCAST: Eclectablog’s Amy Lynn Smith with Tony Trupiano on Right to Life’s “Rape Insurance” law


Today’s podcast is a conversation between Tony Trupiano and Eclectablogger Amy Lynn Smith. They discuss the Right to Life’s odious petition drive to force women to purchase a separate rider on their health insurance to cover safe, legal abortions. It’s been called the “Plan Ahead for Your Abortion” law or the “Rape Insurance” law because it forces women to literally plan ahead for having an abortion, something that no woman does and because it makes no accomodation for women who become pregnant after being raped or a victim of incest.

Her original post on this topic is HERE where she explains why this is not subject to a second veto by Govenor Snyder and expresses the will of less than 4% of Michigan voters. The Senate Democrats’ petition asking the legislature to allow Michigan voters to vote on this in the 2014 election can be found at


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[CC image credit: Lex McKee | Flickr]