More Michigan cities and schools in financial crises under Rick Snyder than all other governors combined


Governor Snyder: it’s not working

Three new municipalities are now under consideration for an Emergency Manager: Lincoln Park, Royal Oak Township, and Highland Park. If Highland Park goes, it will be its second time around and it will be the third city to come out of financial crisis under an Emergency Manager only to go back under an Emergency Manager once again (along with Flint and Hamtramck.)

When you look at the situation under Governor Snyder compared with his predecessors, the data is striking. Including all cities and schools that have either had a consent agreement, an emergency manager, or that are being considered for an emergency manager, Governor Snyder is far and away the leader.

Under John Engler, there were 3 cities (Flint, Hamtramck, and Highland Park).

Under Jennifer Granholm there were 5 cities (Benton Harbor, Ecorse, Highland Park, Pontiac, and Three Oaks Village [population 1,604]) and one school district (Detroit Public Schools).

Under Rick Snyder, there an astounding 12 cities (Lincoln Park, Highland Park, Royal Oak Township, Hamtramck, Detroit, Allen Park, Inkster, Flint, Benton Harbor, Pontiac, Ecorse, and River Rouge) and 6 school districts (Ecorse Public Schools, East Detroit Public Schools, Pontiac Public Schools, Muskegon Heights Public Schools, Highland Park Public Schools, and Detroit Public Schools).

Here’s how it looks graphically:

Keep in mind that Governor Snyder has only been at this for three years while Jennifer Granholm was in office for eight years and dealt with the biggest economic implosion that this country has seen in decades, one that hit manufacturing states like Michigan hardest.

In contrast, Governor Snyder’s relentless positive action has stripped funding from schools and municipalities while he and his Republican colleagues blame the resulting financial crises largely on corrupt politicians, unions and the workers who show up every day to do the work that governments and schools do.

I have a pro tip for Governor Snyder and the Michigan Republicans: what you are doing isn’t working. We’re not seeing fewer schools and municipalities facing financial crises under your “leadership”. We’re seeing an astronomical growth in the numbers. At some point you’re simply going to have to admit that your approach has failed and it’s time for change.

If you don’t, Michigan voters will do that for you next year.