GOPocrisy — December 16, 2013 at 8:59 am

How does the GOP punish homophobes?
Partial Standing Ovations


DaveAgemaRickSnyderFilthyactionEarlier this year GOP national committeeman Dave Agema posted a vile commentary on gays and lesbians authored by a known white supremacist.

How did the Republican National Committee punish him for such an egregious example of hate as they were gearing up for a season of outreach?

They passed Agema’s resolution denouncing same-sex marriage.

Take that!

Obviously, Agema learned his lesson. And the lesson was, keep it up.

Earlier this month, the Republican hero reprised his anti-gay schtick with an anachronistic rant that sounded as if it were supposed to be spoken by the homophobic coach in an 80s movie.

“You have AIDS,” Agema said. “You come to me and say, ‘Hey, tell them I’m your lover for the last six months.’ You get on our health care.“American Airlines spends $400,000 before you die of AIDS. And he goes on to the next, and the next, and that’s what was happening.”

In weaving together anti-Obamacare rant with anti-marriage equality rant, the GOP party official was arguing people shouldn’t have health insurance because gay people are all AIDS-ridden frauds. Get it?!

How did the GOP punish him this time as they met for a Michigan Republican State Committee meeting?

Agema, who declined to comment as he left the Lansing Center, received a standing ovation from some party members who carried signs showing a U.S. flag and Agema’s name, and polite applause from others.

Sure, he got a standing ovation. But only a partial standing ovation.

Take that, Agema!

Keep it up and next time you may only get a seated ovation — or you could end up a frontrunner for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.

Meme courtesy of Progress Michigan, used with permission