Michigan Democrats, Night Shift — December 9, 2013 at 8:09 am

EXCLUSIVE: Radio show host Tony Trupiano eyes run for 13th State House district seat


Run, Tony, run!

Photo credit: Anne C. Savage

Progressive radio show host Tony Trupiano has been recovering from some recent surgery and during this time, I’ve heard whisperings that he is being courted to run for the Michigan House of Representatives in 13th district. This past weekend, I spoke with Tony and have confirmed that he has been approached about it and is close to making a decision to run. “I’m about 95% there,” he told me.

Since FCC rules would prevent him from continuing with his Night Shift with Tony Trupiano Show, I asked him why he would make this move given that he has been in radio in some form or another for nearly his entire career.

“I ask a lot of my audience,” he said, “And sometimes I feel like I am not practicing what I preach in a variety of ways. I often tell them that we need to elect people who have walked in our shoes and understand our problems. It’s time for me to step up. Although I have not made a 100% decision yet, I am more than likely to join this race so that the work we began on the radio show can be put into action in the legislature.”

The seat is currently held by Democrat Andy Kandrevas who is term limited and the 13th district is considered solidly (60%) Democratic. It’s a rather gerrymandered district that includes some of Dearborn Heights, all of Allen Park and Southgate.

“Rep. Kandrevas has done an amazing job of representing and protecting the people of the district,” Tony said, “They deserve a real Progressive to continue the work he has started.

“I sincerely believe the Democrats will take back the House and, once we are in the majority, we will have much more power and a much stronger voice in where we need to go to turn around the state. With Democrats in charge, we can place our energies on creating jobs and protecting the poor and middle class with legislation that strengthens and builds opportunities. We have to stop the decline of jobs and reverse the trend of companies leaving the state, taking critical jobs with them.

“I believe the Democratic Caucus under the leadership of Leader Tim Greimel has begun to change is a positive direction, but the next House election is critical to the people and I know with great certainty that I am a messenger who can help mobilize and motivate the voters to real action.”

Tony told me that, although he won’t be able to continue with his radio show if he makes the final decision to run, he will continue his now very popular podcast series which has been getting a tremendous response since he began them less than a month ago.

Although we will miss Tony on the airwaves of Michigan, the entire team here at Eclectablog wishes him all the best. There are few people in the state that know the issues as well as Tony Trupiano. Along with that, he has experience running for office having challenged Thad McCotter for his Congressional seat in 2006. His breadth of knowledge, ability to communicate his ideas and positions, his wide ranging connections to progressive leaders around the state, and his solid political credentials make him an ideal candidate for this seat. We look forward to addressing him as “Representative Trupiano” a year from now.

Godspeed, brother.