GOPocrisy — October 16, 2013 at 11:36 pm

Tim Walberg’s hypocrisy continues, votes AGAINST ending #GOPshutdown after bragging he voted to end it


This level of hypocrisy is truly breathtaking

Tim Walberg has sent out emails to his constituents twice in the past month bragging about his votes to “keep government running”.

On September 20th there was this one:

Then, on October 5th came this one:

As I pointed out after first one, these weren’t votes to reopen government in any real sense. They were voting for the charades that the Tea Partarians passed knowing full well they were dead on arrival in the Senate and the Oval Office.

Tonight, when the House voted on HR 2775, the bill that actually DID reopen government, Tim Walberg voted NO.

Here’s his statement:

While I am accepting of the fact that we need to move beyond this battle, I remain disappointed that the President and Senate Democrats failed to negotiate in good faith with the House to find a long term solution to many of these issues. Washington now needs to move past this gridlock and instead focus on policies that will create jobs and a healthy economy. Addressing the status quo of trillion dollar deficits, a weak economy, and a health care law that is unfair and harmful to families and our economy needs to remain at the forefront of Congressional efforts to find positive solutions.

See? He wants to move past the gridlock that he was personally responsible for. Nothing to see hear. Please move along.

Well, before we rush out the door, let’s just take a moment to note a few things. First, Tim Walberg, the man who says he was a tea partier before there was a tea party, was one the leading actors in the gridlock he has a new-found concern about.

Second, his political grandstanding did nothing to advance his ideological agenda. Republicans could have taken this same vote two week ago with exactly the same result and government wouldn’t have been shutdown. We could have completely avoided the devastating impact on the economy and putting people out of work.

Finally. Walberg’s partisan gamesmanship is taking a huge toll on his reelection bid.

Make no mistake, Mr. Walberg. The voters in the 7th District are NOT going to forget this a year from now. We will hold you accountable for this shameless game you have been playing and you can go back to whatever it is you do when you aren’t carrying water for the Club for Growth and Heritage Foundation on the taxpayer’s dime.

Pam Byrnes, the Democratic candidate for Walberg’s 7th District seat, issued this statement after Walberg’s vote:

After two weeks of an unprecedented government shutdown threatening the economic stability of our country, Congress finally came to its senses, but not Tim Walberg. Congressman Walberg’s government shutdown cost $24 billion, but it didn’t affect him at all because he kept his salary of $174,000. His desire to play politics with the wellbeing of our seniors, children, small businesses, and the entire economy is baffling. Tim Walberg cares more about politics than people.

You can donate to Pam Byrnes’ campaign HERE.