GOPocrisy — October 23, 2013 at 8:36 am

The more the GOP opposes something, the more popular it becomes


You’ve probably seen the new Gallup numbers that show that for the first time a majority of Americans want to legalize marijuana:


With 58% of Americans supporting legalization, that makes it even more popular than the now very popular institution of same-sex marriage:


Both are far more popular than the now unprecedentedly unpopular Republican Party, which is almost as unpopular as marijuana legalization is popular:

On Wednesday morning we learned that approval of the Affordable Care Act up is up 5% since the government shutdown:


So here’s the hypothesis: The more the GOP opposes something, the more popular it becomes.

Republicans can use this to their advantage if they can convince Ted Cruz to endorse some Democrats.

tedcruz But since that will never happen, Democrats need to point out again and again that the majority of the Republican base is now made up of Tea Partiers and evangelicals who align with the Tea Party. This makes the GOP beholden to the whims of the far right. This is how we got a government shutdown, and this is why Republicans can’t truly say with confidence that we won’t have another one.